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TOD Plan Implementation

The RTA has funded 75+ TOD studies within the region and the majority of past grantees have at least some level of success with implementation. For those grantees that request additional assistance with implementation, the RTA provides technical assistance and support in a variety of ways, including TOD plan review, Service Board coordination and grant/funding opportunity research. Additionally, a formalized program entitled Setting Ideas in Motion: Highlights of RTA Implementation Efforts has been developed. Technical assistance efforts provided through this program are targeted at communities that have completed a TOD planning study through the RTA's Community Planning or Subregional Planning programs.

This program provides:

  • Updates/Revisions to transit-supportive land control documents and ordinances. Clearly-defined land control regulations can attract sustainable and mixed-use/mixed-income development in TOD areas. The RTA assembles a project team consisting of community stakeholders and a consultant to provide a customized update to include transit-supportive land use regulations in the existing code.
  • Developer Recruitment/Solicitation. For communities that have adopted TOD plans but have had difficulty marketing their plan to or soliciting interest from private developers, the RTA coordinates efforts to draw on the expertise of the region's development experts to either assemble a developer panel for a community wishing to discuss development opportunities in general, assembles a site-specific development expert team to assess the development feasibility of a TOD opportunity, and/or provides assistance releasing an RFP for a municipally-owned site identified in the TOD plan.
  • TOD Plan Updates. Many communities have made significant progress in implementing their plan but are now forced with new planning challenges and a changing economy to consider. Therefore, the RTA offers assistance to municipalities who completed planning studies in 2002 or earlier to identify sections that may require an update to reflect current and future opportunities. The goal is not to re-plan, but rather adjust the recommendations to ensure that the study is a proper roadmap for the future.
  • Innovative Financing Plans. Various mechanisms such as TIF, SSA, impact fees, business improvement districts and public-private partnerships exist to help finance public improvement projects in innovative ways. Many municipalities that have completed plans for their TOD area are struggling to find ways to finance the public infrastructure elements required to implement their plans. The RTA provides assistance identifying funding sources and developing financing plans for public amenities that may help to attract investment in a TOD area.

Past grantees that have completed a transit-oriented development (TOD) plan on the existing system through the RTA's Community Planning (and former RTAP and Subregional Planning) program are eligible. The RTA is currently providing assistance to twelve municipalities through the 2011 Program and six additional municipalities through the 2012 Program. The RTA plans to solicit projects on an as needed basis; eligible applicants will be contacted directly by the RTA.

For more information, please contact Tony Manno, Project Manager, Local Planning & Programs Division at 312.913.3211 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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